Aims of PASS

There are approximately 90 government specialist schools in Victoria, including specialist schools for students with mild, moderate and profound intellectual disabilities, for Deaf and hearing impaired students, for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder and for students with a physical disability. 

The Principals' Association of Specialist Schools Victoria Inc (PASS) is a not for profit association of Principal Class members from specialist schools all over Victoria and currently hold over 190 memberships.  We have regular monthly meetings where we offer our members the opportunity to listen to keynote speakers and topical discussions as well as involve themselves in collegiate opportunities and various workshops


The aims of PASS include:

  • To promote the principles of special education and improved community awareness of the capacity for special education throughout the State of Victoria.
  • To watch over and protect the interests, rights and privileges of its members and specialist schools.
  • To act as a representative body of principals of specialist schools in the state of Victoria.
  • To promote the effective administration of special education and the employment of appropriately qualified special education personnel in all areas.
  • To consider and deal with all matters affecting the professional interest of its members.
  • To promote the consideration and discussion of all questions affecting special education.